Strategic Patent Law

Strategic Patent Law: Taking Your Patent Beyond Simple Protection

Most people know that having a patent gives you the ability to sue those who infringe on it. However, a patent can be a much greater asset than that. Done correctly, your patent can help you get an insurmountable head start in the market, lock up technology that other companies will pay you large sums to use, and more. You can also maintain a lock on technology for extended periods with the judicious use of incremental changes and the new patents that these changes allow you to obtain.

Using patents in this way is much more effective if you have an expert in strategic patent law to help you. This lawyer doesn't just get your patents approved; he or she develops an overall patent strategy with you. Then, your patent portfolio becomes a strong business tool that you can use to secure and maintain a market advantage for many years to come.

One industry that has done very well with such a patent strategy is the printer ink sector. You may notice that it takes years for a specific kind of ink cartridge to become available as a true generic. Until then, only OEM or refilled OEM cartridges are sold. This is because printer ink makers use incremental changes to stretch their coverage out for years at a time. Often, this is done for the entire life of a specific model of cartridge.

The pharmaceutical industry is also known for making the most of its patent portfolio. If you've ever seen a drug stay the same for years, only to suddenly come out in an "extended release" version, a "buffered" version, or some other slightly different version, you've seen a patent strategy in action. Each of these versions is different enough from the others to get a new patent, and another several years of coverage.

You don't have to be part of a giant industry to use your patent portfolio in this way. With the help of a lawyer who is a specialist in strategic patent law, your company's portfolio can be leveraged to give you massive advantages, too. Call us here at Alce | Impact Patent Law. We focus on technology startups, and will be glad to work with you to determine the best strategy for your existing patent portfolio as well as the products currently in your pipeline.

Once a strategy is developed, we'll also work with you to file successful patent applications as you arrive at new innovations. This will ensure that your patent strategy remains up-to-date and makes full use of all of your protected intellectual property. Talk to us today to get started.