Patent Counsel

Remote Patent Collaboration Lets Your Plans Move Forward

Whether or not your business has closed its office due to COVID-19, there are some plans that should not stop progressing. These include your plans for getting patents on your innovations. Thanks to remote patent collaboration, you can continue to make plans with your patent counsel, complete filings, and more.

One of the most important services provided by a patent counsel is actual counseling. This can be very in-depth, and include many meetings as you decide how to go about protecting your ideas. Surprisingly, one of the issues that often comes up is just how many patents should be obtained. Sometimes, there will be several patent opportunities for a single product. This is why you can occasionally find items at the store with several patent numbers printed on them.


In these cases, the individual patents typically protect various innovative components within a product. This forces would-be copycats to come up with non-infringing replacements for each covered component. Often, it is impossible to do so without severely detracting from the end result. In some cases, the number of components that are covered make it so that it isn't feasible to produce any sort of knockoff at all. Of course, this is the whole point.

That said, it isn't always worth it to get that many patents on an item. A patent lawyer, through continuing remote patent collaboration, will work with you to determine when it's a good idea to have multiple patents and when it's better to go with just one.

Of course, this is just the start of what a patent lawyer can do for you. One of the most important factors involved in determining whether or not you can actually get a patent is originality. Since it's impossible to know for sure if someone else on Earth has come up with the same idea, the patent office compares your invention with others that have already been patented. In order to avoid having your filing turned down after you pay the fee, a patent attorney will do what is called a "patent search" to find out in advance if there are any problematic pre-existing patents.

Another important thing is that everything is filled out properly and that all patent office inquiries are responded to in a timely way. Your patent counsel will ensure that all such requirements are met.

Whether you need preliminary counseling, are ready to move to full-on remote patent collaboration, or you have some other need, contact us here at A|I Patent Law. We'll be glad to help you turn your invention and vision into a fully-protected reality.