Patent Budget

Do You Need a Local Patent Lawyer?

Many people start out thinking that they should have a local patent lawyer. However, since patent law is federal, there is really no benefit to limiting yourself to the law firm in town. This is especially true if your town or city is relatively small. In fact, it's often a better idea to work with an attorney who may be quite far from such a city.

Thanks to our remote patent counsel service, you can work with us no matter where you are. We offer a variety of services, ranging from basic patent advice all the way to working with you to devise a full patent strategy. This allows you to choose the services that will fit into your patent budget.

Since we work with tech start-ups, we know all about the need for an affordable patent lawyer. However, we also know that skimping on your intellectual property protection can lead to losses down the road. In fact, if your patent isn't done right, you could lose the ability to protect your idea. Then, a much larger company can easily take your idea and run with it. Therefore, even our most affordable patent lawyer services include a dedication to get everything done right.

One way to make sure everything fits into your current patent budget is to start out with a focus on getting your current innovations protected. This will help to ensure that no other companies can horn in on your ideas.

Then, as your business grows, you can obtain our in-depth counseling services to learn how to use your portfolio in the most strategic ways. A good patent strategy can allow you to extend the length of time your overall product is effectively protected, give you the chance to enter into licensing deals, and more.

In many cases, a local patent lawyer will not be able to offer this type of strategic counseling. Depending on your area, he or she may not even have the experience needed to shepherd a complex technological patent through the process. This is because doing so requires a good knowledge of technology as well as a working knowledge of general patent law.

Since we focus on technology start-ups, we have the tech knowledge needed to clearly articulate your ideas on your patent applications. This will do much to ensure that the patent office appreciates the uniqueness of your innovations.

Thanks to the advantages we offer, we believe that it's worth it to make sure that your patent budget has room for our services. We make our services available for reasonable prices, and you'll never regret ensuring that your patent applications are handled in the best possible way.