Meet Pad. Pad is the founder of AI who is passionate about increasing the value in every interaction & decision we make. This happens to be particularly relevant in startups; which is what led him to specialize in doing patent work exclusively for leading edge tech startups.


Today, AI has provided patent counsel for startup companies who have collectively exited for nearly $4 Billion and have raised venture capital totalling more than $902 Million.

This is the story of how they did it.

In 2008 Pad was a student at Duke Law. The economy was in a really rough state at the time. And even though globally, it was a pretty stressful time; this period was what catapulted his desire to find the most effective way to come out of this crisis.


After meeting some awesome entrepreneurs at Duke Law he saw for himself how entrepreneurs were at the forefront of leading humanity forward. He quickly became obsessed about entrepreneurship and started focusing on how to use law to unleash the power of the best ideas in the world.


He became a patent lawyer and started working with some of he biggest companies out there like Toyota and Rolls Royce. But quickly, he realised that he wasn't making the contribution he hoped.


The patenting industry was a mess!


Clients didn't know what they needed to patent, so they patented everything. And the patent lawyers didn't care about how strategic the client was being because it meant that they got more and more work themselves. Pad saw first hand how 30 out of 30 innovations would get patented - even when, a year down the line, only 6 of the innovations really mattered to the business' narrative.

One day, when a leading edge tech startup called Mythic approached him, Pad realised that even though big companies like Toyota and Rolls Royce could afford such a mismatch, startups just couldn't.


So Pad took a different approach. Instead of patenting everything, they closely aligned Mythic's patent portfolio with their business strategy which meant that the value in every interaction that they had; increased. Meetings got shorter and decisions became more focused. A one hour meeting was sufficient to create a 60 page document - something that would normally take two days worth of meetings!

Excited by his new-found approach, Pad started only working with agencies that had adopted this strategic approach.


But there was still something that didn't add up.


Even though all the lawyers in the agency were adopting this highly efficient, strategic approach; the client's that Pad worked with got double the results in their patent portfolio & valuation.

No one really understood why, including Pad himself! As the confusion behind this abnormally high performance started creating some friction in the agency; Pad thought back to his work with Toyota & Rolls Royce in the hope of trying to understand what he did differently outside of his highly strategic approach.

He started noticing that he had injected "humanness" into each and every interaction he had with them. This increased quality of relationship, allowing him to get a unusually comprehensive understanding of what exactly the business and the people in it needed; giving rise to incredibly value-dense business decisions. In fact, he got to a point where these companies got so much value out of their relationship, that Pad ended up getting bombarded with more work than he could handle!

Feeling the lack of the "empathy based strategy" approach in the existing agencies; Pad founded AI. He started working with leading edge startups dabbling in the most complex technology in the world while developed a team of unicorns to help him. These were people who are experts in their field and great communicators. 

Today AI co-innovates with their clients & co-leads with their clients' leaders, helping them become the #1 leaders in their industry.

The world needs your disruption to work. Let's disrupt together!

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