Deep Dive


We enjoy visiting our clients, in-person, to hear your pitch and learn about your business and your people so that we can establish the right lenses to filter to the most salient projects for your patent portfolio.

Build a Patent Strategy


We will identify your key priorities and make sure that the innovations that we choose to execute on are going to map to your key priorities and support your opportunities to achieve your impending business objectives. 

- What innovations to patent?

- How many patents?

- The patent process speed to adopt? 

- Where to file the patents (domestic or international)?


Build a Patent Budget


We will build an annual patent budget (in-line with the patent strategy and your real-time business position) by projecting quarterly outflows and updating the patent budget quarterly. 

Execute on Patent Strategy


As we execute on the patent strategy and build your patent portfolio, we will have regular in-strategy update meetings as well as continuous & unlimited collaboration/advice in between through mediums, such as Slack or Teams. Most of our clients treat us as they would in-house members.