Intellectual Property

Get Legal Help for Your Intellectual Property Concerns

Intellectual property law covers ideas and the things that result from them. These things include product designs, new technologies, slogans, graphic designs, and more. Legally, they are typically protected by patents and copyrights. Attorneys who work in the relevant fields include patent lawyers, copyright lawyers, and those who operate under the umbrella of "intellectual property lawyers."

This field can get very complex, especially where patents are concerned. Experts in intellectual property law must know all about concepts like prior art, which governs how much different an idea must be from pre-existing patents in order to get a patent of its own. They also deal with arguments about whether or not something should be able to get a patent. If you have a patent and a competitor wants to get it canceled, both of you will need attorneys to argue the matter. Often, these arguments revolve around arcane minutia that you likely didn't even consider as you went about inventing your innovation.

Even in its most basic form, intellectual property law – especially the sections involving patents – is more complex than many other legal areas. For example, you can end up getting a patent denied if your filing doesn't meet several bureaucratic requirements. Your idea must also not match anything else that has been patented, and ensuring this requires a patent search. On top of that, there are firm deadlines for various stages of a filing and for responding to Patent Office demands. It's well worth it to get a patent lawyer for a filing just to make sure that all of these requirements are met.

These are just some of the reasons you should hire a lawyer to file your patent as well as defend it. Doing so can make the difference needed to obtain this protection of your intellectual property.